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Completing the digital landscape model

The digital landscape model of Saqqara is complete and the final modifications of the Late Period representation are almost concluded. A few minor additions and tweaks will be implemented in the coming days. I have added the estimated size and location of the Lake of Pharaoh as it may have appeared during the Late Period….

A Visit to (Ancient) Egypt

Last month I was fortunate enough to once again have the opportunity to undertake fieldwork at Saqqara. It was a shorter visit than the team had originally planned, but was a productive season nonetheless. We managed to complete our field tasks for the Catacombs of Anubis project (under the direction of Professor Paul Nicholson of…

EES Study Day – On the trail of Imhotep

Yesterday I attended the Egypt Exploration Society study day in London, which took place within the faux Egyptian façade of Greater London House. The day was thoroughly interesting and I had the chance to catch up with friends and discuss projects. I met some very nice people during the day, all enthusiastic about Egyptology. The…