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Scott in shadow

Scott in shadow viewing a mastaba tomb

Scott Williams is an archaeologist who is currently undertaking research into his PhD at Cardiff University. Prior to this academic endeavour he was employed as a professional archaeologist at Projects Officer grade for a commercial unit in England for several years. He has worked on numerous projects throughout the UK. Scott specialises in archaeological field survey using an EDM, in addition to CAD, GIS and illustrative work. He has a number of years experience in post-excavation management and report writing. Whilst he is at ease in the field, he is equally happy working at a computer.

Scott arrived at his current undertaking through a combination of a background in computing, a long standing interest in Egyptian archaeology, and working a number of seasons at Saqqara with the Cardiff University team led by Professor Paul Nicholson. Scott was part of the Dog Catacombs project survey team with Dr Steve Mills and Drs Hendrike Nouwens, where they undertook a digital EDM survey of the subterranean funerary monument in often arduous conditions.

Scott can be contacted via email at scott@digitalsaqqara.co.uk.