Having returned from the International Congress of Egyptologists XI I felt enthused enough to create a blog to preserve a record of my trials and tribulations whilst undertaking my PhD. The conference was set in the picturesque city of Florence, Italy, and was hosted at the Universita Degli Studi Firenze, situated close to the Museo Egizio (Egyptian Museum). There were a multitude of papers being presented over the course of the week and around 800 delegates in attendance. This was the perfect opportunity to network with scholars from other countries and universities working within a similar field to my research. Paul Nicholson introduced me to a number of important researchers working within my field of study which allowed me to develop creative relationships with scholars who I will no doubt work further with in the near future.

Personally I have never really engaged with blogs or participated very much with social media. I expect that many people out there are the same and so I’ve no idea how many people will be interested enough to read my posts. However, I hope to engage those that do and provide an insight into the digital reconstruction of a complex necropolis. The intention is to provide updates into my ongoing PhD research through brief postings on a (hopefully) weekly basis.