This past weekend I attended a two-day course in an attempt to begin to learn how to read hieroglyphics. The course was organised by Ali and Josie of the Kemet Klub (with assistance from Aidan Dodson) and was presented by Bill Manley. It was a fascinating and productive weekend, from which I learned a great deal. During an unplanned trip to the Ashmolean museum in Oxford on Tuesday I realised that I was able to understand a good amount of the hieroglyphic text on the stelae that I was viewing. So for those who are interested in understanding ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs I can recommend Bill’s publications: Egyptian Hieroglyphs for Complete Beginners (Thames and Hudson), and How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs (British Museum Press, with Mark Collier). Both can be purchased from at a reasonable cost.

Thanks to the Kemet Klub for organising and hosting the event.